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The Brain Food Diet :)

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What is “The Brain Food Diet” you ask? Simply a new idea I am proposing as a weight-loss technique πŸ™‚ I am not 100% percent sure what other lurking variables may (or may not) have contributed to my own personal weight-loss during the approximate 14-day period when I tried this technique myself, although I can assure you that I lost as many as 10 (count β€˜em 10) pounds during said 14-day period πŸ™‚

“How does The Brain Food Diet work?” you ask? Simply repeat to yourself over and over again “Every day, in every way, I am getting thinner and thinner” ; repeat this to yourself over and over again for a gradually increasing number of times each day πŸ™‚ My theory is that the neural activity involved in repeating this mantra to yourself causes you to psychosomatically lose weight πŸ™‚

The Brain Food Diet may not work for you as well as it has worked for me, but it sure is worth the old college try, right?

(Disclaimer: This is an entirely fictitious pile of crap on my part ; I sincerely hope you found it entertaining)


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wetware : (jargon) [wet’weir] (Probably from the novels of Rudy Rucker, or maybe Stanislav Lem) The human nervous system, as opposed to electronic computer hardware or software.

N.L.W.S. : Neuro-Linguistic Wetware Script ; the nouns, verbs, adjectives, sentences, and paragraphs of verbal-communication written and read by people who are ignorant of any code such as HTML, C+, etc

P.E.B.K.A.C. : Problem Exists Between Keyboard and Chair ; some computer-illiterate quote “scum of the earth” unquote caused a computer glitch

curiomagnetism-something so unignorable and unforgettable that it seems to grab your attention by an almost magnetic force

chronojectile-irreversible forward motion (like a projectile) of Time itself from past to future

epistemicrocosm-a version of reality that is limited and/or inaccurate because it is not informed enough, even though it is very logical ; the logic, however flawless it might be in and of itself, is based on an insufficient ammount of information, and thus results in misguided beliefs about what is true and what is real

anthropecunia-the extent to which a living, breathing human being (at any age) is a socio-economic investment of time, energy, money, and resources

quaerocide-faith in a given paradigm that is so devout that it lethally poisons the mind’s ability to question the paradigm, just as insecticide lethally poisons insects and/or their surrounding environment

quaerohazard-an ability to question any new paradigm that has become an inability to stop raising questions about each and every statement one reads or hears that is inconsistent with the paradigm that the mind is already fully cognizant of, so that more and more questions infect and disease the mind’s ability to make any new paradigm-shift, like a viral or bacterial biohazard infecting more and more of the body (and then more and more people in the case of an epidemic)

“A faithful believer and a skeptic can argue forever and never learn anything”

extrapyxis-making a paradigm-shift (literally how the ancient Latin language would have a single word for “thinking outside the box”)

archaeotenacity-a legacy that a given tradition may have throughout successive generations, and all just because people have a tendency to gravitate toward that which is familiar (the “Familiarity” meme ; )

axioherence-a sense of “rightly belonging” as part of a gestalt of people (patriotism, church-fellowship, and gang-membership are all examples of what I, personally, call axioherence ; calls it the “Belonging” meme)

teleomaze-having a sense of purpose and direction in life

chronofelix-growth of commitment over time ; the more you continue to do something, the more you tend to feel a gradually increasing commitment to continue doing it

obsequintessence-the sense of humility that makes a person feel obligated to respect and obey any authority that his/her society and/or culture has taught him/her to obey

cortexponent-the neurological drive for power and dominance

perseveritas-the tendency any repeated statement has to seem more and more true the more it is repeated

chronosectionalism-any perceived “window of opportunity” or “limited time offer” peceived as something that will greatly benefit you “if you act now”

It’s my entry and I’ll rant if I want to

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Hail vaccine mercury, full of grace, cleanse away all diversity_punishing neural_networks now

Disinfect cultural tastes and hates, toxic high_standards, deadlines, demands, and controlling points of view

Burn us pure, like a refiner’s fire, burn away preconceptions, formalities, all our sick prestige

Souls that wear cognitive_bias_masks ; every mask hides a jigsaw_gestalt of a jumbled, pale pastiche

Weirdophobes are crippled minds, set, rigid, and absolutist, all that ruins us

Codified corrections kill free_spirited open_minds with focused ruthlessness

Mercury in needles, save souls, rescue the world from being neurotypical

Autism without a quote “cure” unquote is like a fish without a bicycle

Bad news: I’m back and I’m REALLY pissed off now

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Multiply Dot Com is a browser-supremacist cyberhole that is refusing to let my browser (or version or whatever)Β  upload my “headshot” pic (that thing that prevents you from looking as if you’re trying to hiding your face in Cyberspace). I hate that!

I plan to be less burned out and have more textual pissing and moaning to offer here tomorrow. Have a nice day πŸ™‚