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Neurobigotry’s Absolutist Zealous Intolerance

In schmategory on January 29, 2008 at 8:38 pm

You are the apple, I am the orange

You are the warning, I am the courage

You are the normal weirdophobe critic

I am the softly harmless eccentric

What do your good-intentions accomplish?

How is your fear a strength or advantage?

You are the vandal, I am the damage

You are the apple, I am the orange

this is a poem, you dumbass

In schmategory on January 28, 2008 at 12:44 am

Why do we humans bother having a point or making any sense?

Why do we humans have criteria, norms, agendas, rules, and plans?

Most perverse kinks in all the universe never have a valid case

Why do we humans have to need a coherence-myth amid the mess?

Thumbs and fingers weave derivative kitsch and trains-of thought blend wonders

Sculpted clay and oil-on-canvas are childish toys of old-age madness

Taste and see the loudest-amplitude nostril-stinks of each brief decade

Now could be the nanosecond before the planet Earth goes rancid

Lick tongues, confess your climaxes with candid, blunt songs

Swim through the neurogalaxies where comets cut strings

Wipe the bums of meritocracy’s elect until death

Love every neurotypical and freak throughout growth

Arguments throughout The Blogosphere bloom with counterpoint

Cyberspace is where graffiti becomes a sacrament

Winnipeg is still my favorite municipality

Even the Provencher Bridge has an air of majesty

We eccentrics are tired of dark, blank zeitgeists that are all the same

Let our lenses refract the light, love enemies and hate their harm

Yes, our teleomazes change each journey where we intersect

We exist and become the real truth nobody can just accept

Let’s endure vivid dreams in the name of the mouth who sings our fate

Metaverbed metanouns are gifts for the mouth who doesn’t bite

We are all one and we, the universe, enact the tranceful dance

Why do we humans bother having a point or making any sense?

CRAP WARNING: This brain-candy may rot your NDP (Neuro-Dendritic Processing)

In alpha on January 24, 2008 at 8:06 pm

O Blogosphere, our home in cyberland

True soapbox-love, we comment and we spam

With glowing monitor-screens, we rise

On blogsites paid or free

From far and wide, O Blogosphere

We correspond through thee

Content and speech open and free

Our samizdat for all the world to see

O Blogosphere, we post our stuff on thee


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“Hi, just got this invite will set it up later today thanks.. Holly”

My e-mail address is

In alpha on January 22, 2008 at 10:11 am

Please feel free to hack and cyberstalk me all that you want

My faith kept the “only human” sane and now I am spent

Just blame all who fail to fit your definition of “health”

Real truth fails to teach the world the wisdom needed for growth

Enter the introspective realm of soul’s-autumn, here, now

Listen to all you want to hear or kiss youth you once knew

Winnipeg bites my skin with hungry wind-chill at this time

Typing at this computer now, I feel autumn’s dream-calm

Healed minds learn to just kiss the entire universe

Trudge through trials and sing sighs of inhaled ambience

I have an Asperger Brain in my cranium

Born in the death of the second millennium

Wetware is the truth within human skulls, wetware is what we are

Asperger within my skull doesn’t bite, nor does it need a cure

Readers are confused, I’ve made peace with how often I’m misconstrued

Making you aware that we do exist heals me, and makes me proud

Life is never a short-cut through the scenic-route of perspective

Yes I breathe with a pulse here, yes I’m still awake and proactive

I’m affirming denied real truth and raising public awareness

I am married and gay, not here to “cam” or court any “honeys”

Choose thoughts, think the thoughts you choose to think, and believe the beliefs you need to believe

Let’s make peace with all we see and hear in eachother’s ways to survive

That won’t happen now within my lifetime, and making a difference is my only intent

Please feel free to hack and cyberstalk me all that you want

π ≈ 3 . 1 4 1 5 9 2 6 5 3 5 8 9 7 9 . . .

In Uncategorized on January 21, 2008 at 7:09 am

What do you microcosm-dwellers want now?

Comfort-zones shelter you from any clear view

We supplied all of the demands you made blind

Go enjoy everything your fingers fine-tuned

Drink every over-marketed and synthetically-concocted hype-juice

Go stew in cult-indoctrinated perceptions of your gains as grave loss

Preach all the Churchianity you can liturgize, and share your bad breath

Go fail to learn how everything is informative in terms of real truth

Let legitimate dialogue culminate

Let us cultivate ways to conciliate

Interpersonal rhythms and counterpoint

Let a synchronization be imminent

Any unknown quantity can have a spectacular aura on a distinguished road

All of your mind-viruses are munching on all the perceptiveness that you ever had

Theodivine angels, with their halos and wings and polyphony, are proclaiming joy

Earth is our home orbiting the sun, and we focus on everything that is plain and dry

Let me die a death more meaningful than all of your farts in my general direction

Let me die a death more meaningful than misunderstandings and confusion

Let me die a death more meaningful than purchases and retail

Let me die a death more meaningful than worshipping Mammon and the devil

Life is lonely ahead of the curve

Friends forsake you for having the nerve

Kindred-spirits are friends who remain

Tribulations can thicken our skin

Stress is a jalapeno-pepper on the soul’s tongue

Whether or not it bears repeating that we live “wrong”

Weirdophobes, you who micromanage the entire world

You who demand to have an impact, and to feel good

You have no afterthoughts, or even one clue

What do you microcosm-dwellers want now?

Honey Deal, where in brain-space are we now?

In Uncategorized on January 17, 2008 at 11:43 pm

Ebony is the darkest room where strict, opaque walls block light

Autism is a harmless co-existence all closed-minds hate

Medicine and abuse are demonizers so stealth, smooth, real

Ivory is an intervention’s halo, none hear pain’s call

Raw nerves curve all our lines of interpersonal-counterpoint

Snobs dirge through life in morbid fear of any embarrassment

No shame goes well with ways of being perfectly innocent

Learn real truth first before you take us out of our element

Writing with an Asperger Brain each day comforts me in a clueless world

Comforts me in a culture where clawed, fanged mind-viruses are adored and bred

Living by a sociotype’s blind rules, gradually adapting more

Gradually adapting to real truth, still gradually surviving care

Faith in cozy-abundance is more core-based than religion or nation

Human-nature is feces our bums crap onto the human-condition

I believe that humanity’s NOT all perfect, but more than disciples

Churchianity pisses on old Charles Darwin while skyscrapers crumble

Slept on the pillow under sheets and blankets and had a dream in the night

Coffee became the blood of Christ and doughnuts became the body of Christ

Sociotypes forget that songs and rituals make the sociotype

That is the true malaise of post-industrial geo-realms of the globe

Educate and inform the planet’s wetware: We’re weird, NOT ill

Educate and inform the planet’s wetware: We’re just not cool

Educate in the hope for better futures, more health, less hate

Ebony is the darkest room where strict, opaque walls block light

functioning high pressure w/ low input

In Uncategorized on January 15, 2008 at 10:28 pm

All your chicken-soup for the brain has been soul-candy all this time

Grant me inconvenience, allow me to NOT care what minds assume

Sheltered reputations incriminate pure, harmless, gentle saints

Give us euthanasia if we must forgo basic human rights

Positive-attitudes are NOT solutions, negative-attitudes are NOT the only problems

Ignorant-optimists perceive proactive-foresight as rudeness, and alarms as grouchy-tantrums

Life in an atmosphere of sugar-coated-planets is the curse of keen-observers

All your pearls-of-wisdom are avoided like biohazards, futile forever

Faith in being a better human than your fellow human

Leaves your wetware convinced the planet is immersed in vermin

Why does anyone bother trying to enlighten wetware?

We are products of evolution, so we hunt and gather

Comfort-zones are the building-blocks of each and every status-quo

Interpersonal-conflict takes effect whenever change is due

No one’s paradigms shift when gridlock raises questions no one’s asked

People live in an altruistic-dream until they feel attacked

January 16th, the third Wednesday in 2008

Asperger is a wacky, weird way that my brain’s wiring is set

Everything in the world is yours, all you can use, all you can eat

Everything you could die without isn’t enough, nor does it count

What have you become for ideals that the whole world could thrive without?

Make your pact with the raising of snobs’ nostrils, bow to each elite

What possessed my Mother to welcome your own sperm inside her womb?

All your chicken-soup for the brain has been soul-candy all this time

emoticons eat tags and widgets

In Uncategorized on January 14, 2008 at 10:04 am

All humans are marching to a mute pulse

Ears listen to silences in deep space

Just look at the clarity of blank voids

Rise up from the aftermath of bad grades

Energize and participate in counterpoint

Counterpoint is democracy’s electorate

Intimacy refreshes and rejuvinates

Intimacy connects us with the universe

Taste and see how the universe engages minds

I’m a human in Winnipeg where snowflakes land

I rejoice in my spouse, and I rejoice in love

Cherish love as a nurturing, redeeming salve

Winnipeg, a municipality of electrons

Circulating in wires, enabling our connections

Winnipeg is the main environment I encounter

Winnipeg is the home I recognize in my wetware

We can emerge from the impact of the innocent one

Damage-control is the hindsight of the optimist-clown

We can become our salvation from authority’s grave

We can re-kindle vitality we need to survive

We humans are challenging the whole Earth

Each birth is supplying the demand-growth

We humans are present as a fierce force

We humans are marching to a mute pulse

SYSTEM FAILURE: Technical difficulties ; Please Stand By

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Ego-defense mechanisms

Fueling the world’s worst decisions

Keeping the most harmful normal

Cracking enraged tooth-enamel

Keeping the smug’s nostrils skyward

Keeping the blamed-starving frightened

Fueling the world’s worst decisions

Ego-defense mechanisms