Jon Pear (a.k.a. NeuroAster)

Honey Deal, where in brain-space are we now?

In Uncategorized on January 17, 2008 at 11:43 pm

Ebony is the darkest room where strict, opaque walls block light

Autism is a harmless co-existence all closed-minds hate

Medicine and abuse are demonizers so stealth, smooth, real

Ivory is an intervention’s halo, none hear pain’s call

Raw nerves curve all our lines of interpersonal-counterpoint

Snobs dirge through life in morbid fear of any embarrassment

No shame goes well with ways of being perfectly innocent

Learn real truth first before you take us out of our element

Writing with an Asperger Brain each day comforts me in a clueless world

Comforts me in a culture where clawed, fanged mind-viruses are adored and bred

Living by a sociotype’s blind rules, gradually adapting more

Gradually adapting to real truth, still gradually surviving care

Faith in cozy-abundance is more core-based than religion or nation

Human-nature is feces our bums crap onto the human-condition

I believe that humanity’s NOT all perfect, but more than disciples

Churchianity pisses on old Charles Darwin while skyscrapers crumble

Slept on the pillow under sheets and blankets and had a dream in the night

Coffee became the blood of Christ and doughnuts became the body of Christ

Sociotypes forget that songs and rituals make the sociotype

That is the true malaise of post-industrial geo-realms of the globe

Educate and inform the planet’s wetware: We’re weird, NOT ill

Educate and inform the planet’s wetware: We’re just not cool

Educate in the hope for better futures, more health, less hate

Ebony is the darkest room where strict, opaque walls block light

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  3. You never fail to grab us readers with your unique and interesting imagery. I was especially intrigued by the first line, it is quite evocative. It is always thought-provoking when you use religious imagery to counter your societal experiences. It sheds light on a subject and experiences that not all of us can understand because it is not ours. I am much glad that “Writing with an Asperger Brain each day comforts me in a clueless world”. It is good to have a creative outlet for sure, it has gotten me through a lot of tough times for sure. Your poem is framed well with your evocative first and last lines.

  4. My god u kept me entertained.

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