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In alpha on January 22, 2008 at 10:11 am

Please feel free to hack and cyberstalk me all that you want

My faith kept the “only human” sane and now I am spent

Just blame all who fail to fit your definition of “health”

Real truth fails to teach the world the wisdom needed for growth

Enter the introspective realm of soul’s-autumn, here, now

Listen to all you want to hear or kiss youth you once knew

Winnipeg bites my skin with hungry wind-chill at this time

Typing at this computer now, I feel autumn’s dream-calm

Healed minds learn to just kiss the entire universe

Trudge through trials and sing sighs of inhaled ambience

I have an Asperger Brain in my cranium

Born in the death of the second millennium

Wetware is the truth within human skulls, wetware is what we are

Asperger within my skull doesn’t bite, nor does it need a cure

Readers are confused, I’ve made peace with how often I’m misconstrued

Making you aware that we do exist heals me, and makes me proud

Life is never a short-cut through the scenic-route of perspective

Yes I breathe with a pulse here, yes I’m still awake and proactive

I’m affirming denied real truth and raising public awareness

I am married and gay, not here to “cam” or court any “honeys”

Choose thoughts, think the thoughts you choose to think, and believe the beliefs you need to believe

Let’s make peace with all we see and hear in eachother’s ways to survive

That won’t happen now within my lifetime, and making a difference is my only intent

Please feel free to hack and cyberstalk me all that you want

  1. I really enjoyed the use of seasonal imagery in this poem. It is interesting how it is juxtaposed with the health motif as well. People should not judge a book by its cover, as there is often more to a person that can be easily seen or understood. Some people don’t care to look beyond the shell or body we inhabit. Is there such a thing as perfect health? I don’t think so as we all have our challenges in life. There is much discrimination in this area, not enough people choose to understand. I loved the line: “Enter the introspective realm of soul’s-autumn, here, now”. I seem to visit that realm quite often these days. I liked the imagery of how the wind-chill is hungry (it is a great twist on the concept of how wind can be biting or brisk). “Autumn’s dream-calm”: love this concept. It shows the transitory nature of the seasons and other milestones in life. Wow, would never have thought to describe this, in this way: “Life is never a short-cut through the scenic-route of perspective”, but it is profound words indeed.

    Jon, I am reposting my comment here again, as it seems I am logging in now, feel free to delete the one erroneously attributed to Anonymous.

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