Jon Pear (a.k.a. NeuroAster)

CRAP WARNING: This brain-candy may rot your NDP (Neuro-Dendritic Processing)

In alpha on January 24, 2008 at 8:06 pm

O Blogosphere, our home in cyberland

True soapbox-love, we comment and we spam

With glowing monitor-screens, we rise

On blogsites paid or free

From far and wide, O Blogosphere

We correspond through thee

Content and speech open and free

Our samizdat for all the world to see

O Blogosphere, we post our stuff on thee

  1. OMG I did not get the irony of this the first time I read it. Now I see its O Canada rhythm. Now that is clever! “True soapbox-love” indeed. And blogosphere is the right word for it, that’s for sure. Not sure what samizdat means, but it does not matter, in context in makes sense anyway.

  2. samizdat – [Russian, literally “self publishing”] The process of disseminating documentation via underground channels. Originally referred to underground duplication and distribution of banned books in the Soviet Union; now refers by obvious extension to any less-than-official promulgation of textual material, esp. rare, obsolete, or never-formally-published computer documentation.


  3. Cool! I like it! You never fail to expand my mind and my vocabulary! LOL

  4. Reading….reading…hmmm…there’s a rhythm here, what is it? OMG! Oh Canada! That’s so great! I hardly think ‘crap warning’, your wit is so sharp, my friend. You are one of those truly gifted people who, when read, speaks in subtlety only grasped in retrospect.

  5. I agree with you Viv. He does have a sharp wit. It is quite clever and makes the reader think. I could not agree with you more, he is also “one of those truly gifted people, who, when read, speaks in subtlety only grasped in retrospect”. I could not have said it better Viv!

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