Jon Pear (a.k.a. NeuroAster)

Neurobigotry’s Absolutist Zealous Intolerance

In schmategory on January 29, 2008 at 8:38 pm

You are the apple, I am the orange

You are the warning, I am the courage

You are the normal weirdophobe critic

I am the softly harmless eccentric

What do your good-intentions accomplish?

How is your fear a strength or advantage?

You are the vandal, I am the damage

You are the apple, I am the orange

  1. Wow, what a message contained in this concise and precise poem! Well said in just a few lines. It is the essence of your message. The last two lines are especially evocative. I like the concept of apples and oranges, neither is better than the other, just different.

  2. And notice how there ARE words that rhyme with orange 🙂 LOL 😀

    Well okay, there are words that SLANT-rhyme with orange 🙂

  3. Yes, LOL, damage works well enough with orange. Again you expand my mind!

  4. […] bookmarks tagged zealous Neurobigotry’s Absolutist Zealous Intolerance saved by 10 others     verbalrain bookmarked on 02/01/08 | […]

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  6. #AndYourPointIs . . . ?

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