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You results-driven, goal-oriented scum

Your demands punish pure sanity and calm

You create panic, stress, poverty, and shame

You create wild, concealed anger in the home

Breadwinners bring home raw-nerves that burst behind privacy’s walls

Children become rage-crazed adults filling up all of our jails

I could peel off your skin slowly while you scream

You results-driven, goal-oriented scum

2 has 3ed the 5ly 7

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Teleojourney metahome before chronodark

Gobble and gulp a nourishing and hot midnight-snack

Sing for your bed-and-breakfast, as you grow, vote, and shave

Enemies, friends, and strangers are deprived slaves who give

Circulate eternally in gray streets of urban-spiral

Intimacy’s distance is confined now, in stone and metal

Flavors-of-the-months are the acquired tastes of demographics

Preferences are merging in a shared world of informatics

Cause a loud effect, bang big, then you get a cold, silent response

If, and only if, that’s that, then you take or leave anything else

Motion zooms, jumps, crawls, oozes, and flows

Live a real, true life, praise your desires

Blessings-to-count are giving you the prime spark of fire

Targets-and-gods are focusing you keen, sharp, and clear

Nobody knows your secret, the divine mother’s-milk

Teleojourney metahome before chronodark

How dare you exist

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No redeeming qualities can save you now

Thankless time and energy is blamed on you

Now your sole-providers are about to crack

You transcend what anyone could ever take

Now you’ll pay for innocence you never chose

You’re an easy target, and a source of stress

Your existence challenges the status quo

No redeeming qualities can save you now

Mneh, well, I’ve had worse Mondays . . .

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Smug scribes, may the wave survive your damage

Smug scribes, you who shield your cherished image

Fxxk shxt, bond in beds with turds of feces

Get lost, wander in and out of phases

Let my flesh be bitten, torn, and chewed up in humanity’s teeth

Let me be forgotten, leave my bones lost in the muck of the earth

Smug scribes, keep your precious privileged leverage

Smug scribes, may the wave survive your damage

“You’re proud of WHAT ? ? ?”

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April is Autism Awareness Month

We are the targets of embarrassed wrath

We are a presence in the world around

Whether you fight us, or you’re just confused

This diagnosis is love’s oasis and hatred’s crisis

We live and die as eccentrics, punishing us is useless

We are uniqueness, we are breadth and depth

April is Autism Awareness Month

Red is the color of love and revolution

In schmategory on April 11, 2008 at 2:53 pm

Take the red pill

Answer truth’s call

Rise and wake up

Leave the dream-trap

Shout the real news

Tackle hate’s lies

Make machines fall

Take the red pill


In schmategory on April 10, 2008 at 7:08 am

You, the people who hate having to think

Just continue to live life by a book

Never paradigm-shift forward at all

Human-nature is just stubbornly real

Just enjoy your cozy failures to prevent preventable events

Judge and curse proactive-people for their flustered failures to be nice

Fxxk the air with your shxt, fuming with stink

You, the people who hate having to think

Nobody panic, I’m okay

In schmategory on April 9, 2008 at 2:30 pm

Loved by some, hated by others

Living life, knowing what matters

Walking through parks in the sunshine

Keeping this body in motion

I forgot to comb my hair today, and a few scared people stared

Wrote this text in pencil, tried to make it a neat, non-boring read

We are all people with futures

Loved by some, hated by others

This poem is a STRANGE behavior symptom

In schmategory on April 6, 2008 at 9:07 pm

Red roses and blue violets never reach the stars

Red roses and blue violets never cough or sneeze

Red roses and blue violets never read or write

Red roses and blue violets never fxxk or shxt

Red roses and blue violets never go to jail

Red roses and blue violets never frown or smile

Red roses and blue violets never share our cares

Red roses and blue violets never reach the stars

fake plastic poem

In schmategory on April 3, 2008 at 12:46 pm

then you had a scholar’s interest in each thought in my mind

then you had an angel’s compassion for each feeling in my heart

then you had a devil’s lust for each square-inch of my body

now you have an athlete’s eye for body-fat

now you have a diplomat’s ear for wrong things to say in public

now you have a health-inspector’s nose for dust-mites, hornets, and microbes

now you have a mechanic’s task-performing hands

now you have a drill-sergeant’s demanding mouth