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I’m in a good mood today :)

In schmategory on May 28, 2008 at 6:24 pm

Colors and shapes of oranges and grapes

Dream of a rainbow, dream of an eclipse

Bitters and sweets are melting in your mouth

Gaze at a bold aurora in the north

Junction of the Red and Assiniboine Rivers

Canopy of stars over snuggles and kisses

Open your voice in melody and praise

Open your eyes; delight in the displays

Colors and shapes of oranges and grapes

12tone blues

In alpha on May 24, 2008 at 3:18 pm

Depth of cut, down the pit of the self-concept’s core

Hate the game; love the player whose whole world is sore

Bishops, rooks, knights, and pawns are the blind, leading sheep

Go the wind’s way; adhere to the form; take the shape

Archives we keep for posterity

Sink to archaic antiquity

Legacies fade with identities

History swallows our skeletons

Bones of old collateral damage hide in lost muck of the earth, forgotten

Any numbered body could well have died with some honor, or died a virgin

Leaves and snowflakes fall, as the dollar-bills and coins enter and leave our wallets

Leave a gentle nuisance alone; enjoy your own blessings, and curse your servants

Wallow in reputations, dealings, and roles; win points with minds who pull strings

Wrestle with brutes in shallow ideomud; steal spotlights; flex your huge grins

Sure you can render unto Caesar a T4 slip from Mammon each year

What will your adaptations prove when the real, true future leaves your past bare?

All of your gilded silver shall endure more time than your grave

Cold as the guns and bullets the police need just to be safe

Dignity, pride, and status are the 666 of the beast

Toughen your public armor when your most deep self is a ghost

Inner-strength is the weakness of all who declare war on inner-peace

Shoot reporters who ruin the news with the truth; shoot them face to face

You are meat; let the Butcher of Age slice you more

Depth of cut, down the pit of the self-concept’s core

depolarizing mix

In alpha on May 19, 2008 at 5:10 pm

Feet march relentlessly each long day

No ear can listen to pain’s rude cry

Make waves and footprints across Earth’s face

Gain more to measure and count less loss

You judges, juries, and executioners

You vermin, lower than sperm in genitals

You fear and scare the innocent

Force offers no encouragement

Kings and their pawns fail to fathom the mind of Lizamanynames

Sociotypes grow by quoting their memotypes with smiles and charms

How is a vast void of geolocations now a great divide?

Access denied, now a clickable window fails to intercede

Maybe there was hope to save some redemption

Now you are cold, frozen, strict intervention

Open your yes-hole and let passion enter

Open yourself; live the real, true adventure

Each solution is just someone else’s problem in disguise

Have convenience; let nameless humans wander in a maze

Take the breath of your life; just observe whatever has transpired

Let the fireworks explode over jurisdictions of the dead

Gee, thanks a lot for a few stale crumbs

Gee, thanks for moments when each door slams

Fxxk shxt, get out of my life-long way

Feet march relentlessly each long day

equal variant

In Uncategorized on May 15, 2008 at 7:22 pm

Access to the second level of operations

Radiance and glory rise to the sun’s occasions

Contemplative caution quivers within the courage

Having-an-agenda shines as the prime advantage

Dark stink in the coldest silence

Deep absence of sleep or chaos

Wolves cry as they starve and weaken

Lambs crucify minds who question

We exist, and we still continue to exist

We are not an invasion, parasite, or guest

This is true, and the truth continues to be true

Let there still be a place where everyone can go

Nothing to be proud or ashamed of

Rising from the fall of perspective

Done with an instructive directive

Nothing to be proud or ashamed of

Walk tall through the low crypt of the flushed sewage-soup’s filth-broth

Take time, you who feel need for the whole world to break all faith

Sharp tusks puncture flesh under the sun, soaked in pain’s live blood

Wild beast, learn your place under the sun, prowl upon free land

Freedom of abundance in a land without epiphanies

Telescopes are useless for the souls who need kaleidoscopes

Amplitudes are screaming in the ears of friends and enemies

Headphones are the solitudes of punks within our silences

Life is a bus-stop where broken-souls wait for the Death-Bus to come

Dream of a pure globe of laughs and play, dream of a globe children claim

Access to some level over stars, access to some hive-control

Promised by some king of rooks and pawns, promised for some precious jewel

Nicotine, cocaine, and opium hide in chocolate

Cravings and addictions lurk in the legal market

Gratitude was all the power the barons gave us

Access to the second level of operations

boo hoo waah

In Uncategorized on May 12, 2008 at 7:01 pm

You who hate to read anything sad for even a moment

Fail to learn about anything real, important, or urgent

Tell the world to shut up so it doesn’t give you a headache

Live without a mind newer than any fossilized relic

How do commodities make you more of an adult and less of a child?

Legally purchase your perks and leisurely enjoy society’s ride

Ride around the sun free on the one inhabited planet

You who hate to read anything sad for even a moment


In Uncategorized on May 1, 2008 at 2:03 am

A advances

B betrays

C convinces

D delays

E is everywhere

F is far

G is globular

H is here

I’m an intruder

J is a joker

K is the kaiser

L is a loner

M wants more

N is new

O is old

P is in the pew

Q questions

R respects

S is sly

T is tricked

U has utilities

V has a view

W wonders what the whole world is worth

X plays xylophone

Y says yes to youth

Z zooms through the zone