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short poem

In Uncategorized on October 30, 2008 at 3:30 pm

In the eye-blink of a moment, mouths confess everything to you


And you’re now living to see this day occur horribly for you


And your scream echoes, and scares the world away, distances from you


And it’s all just for the human race to blame nuisances on you


In alpha on October 28, 2008 at 8:02 pm

1. Nothing exists unless you’ve heard of it before from family/friends/teachers/place-of-worship during your pre-adult life.

2. Interrupt any spoken sentence longer than six or seven syllables.

3. Any statement that seems confusing at first must have been made by some individual who happens to be a weirdo/nutcase.

4. Any problem/difficulty that you yourself have never encountered before is an excuse/fairy-tale made up by a slacker/stubborn-crybaby/pathological-liar.

5. Anything that fails to entertain you after a long day is one-hundred-percent pure excrement that contains absolutely nothing of any value whatsoever.

6. Anyone who disagrees with your political views has cotton-candy for brains.

7. Anyone who disagrees with your religious/secular views is sick/evil.

8. Anyone who loves doing a job that pays less than yours is a laughable dorkwad.

9. Anyone who is overwhelmed by the stress of a job that pays more than yours is an enviable ingrate.

10. Anyone who has never heard of your favorite movie/book/food is a hermit/Martian.

11. Anyone who is ever in your way for even a nanosecond has never watched where he/she is going once in his/her life.

12. There are two kinds of people:

(a) human-garbage

(b) people to whom you yourself owe at least one favor

another TGIF poem

In Uncategorized on October 23, 2008 at 9:21 pm

There is no way to know how long you will wait; thanks for your patience

We are just human; we are pawns of a boss, part of a process

We have kids; we have spouses; there shall be food, clothing, and shelter

We are all sleep-deprived and racing the clock, dealing with pressure

After we have served you, have a nice life

Nobody is here to cause the world grief

Read the large text that’s posted up on the wall; didn’t you notice?

There is no way to know how long you will wait; thanks for your patience

poem for Blog Action Day 2008

In Uncategorized on October 15, 2008 at 3:26 pm

(PREAMBLE: Special thanks to who has just brought to my attention)

Some unthinkable future shall come without affordable air to breathe

We are building a future on sand with individual-blame and myth

Urban-spirals are made of the growing cracks in pavement and skulls and glass

We are letting it happen, and feeling self-assured at a silent price

Full moon calls the spirit like some kind of visual-bell

Glares down over cities of starved stomachs ready to kill

Some invisible crack has begun to form from True Reality’s wrath

Some unthinkable future shall come without affordable air to breathe

this poem is a kick in the 66

In schmategory on October 14, 2008 at 6:30 am

Stare for a moment, shrug, ignore, and forget

Purchase your fries and burgers; rest and exist

Follow the Monday-morning oozing routine

Cog in the big machine of agony’s groan

Sacred rubies-of-information fall in the ideodumpster of boredom

Briefly stare at a text, and then ignore and forget it; conform in a system

Macaroni and cheese is on a plate on a table with pencil and paper

There are people who know and care that I’m a survivor who tries to recover

Any voice in any wilderness can become another’s voice

Life’s quintessential moments dissolve a sense of dark loss

Set in the west, and take a deep breath before you go to your grave

Breathe deep; an open window has always been a real salve

Love the air, each and every molecule

All the sane minds are closed and cynical

I’m a text-whore for all the literate

Read me now; tell me I’m articulate

All that is left is some posterity’s hope

Go and believe that urgent-vision is hype

Follow the script that broken-spirits accept

Stare for a moment, shrug, ignore, and forget

subprime foreclosure

In alpha on October 7, 2008 at 9:20 pm

Call the state of the heart a quote “negative attitude” unquote

Thanks for saying that smiles are good; thanks for explaining the concept

Be the salt in the spirit’s wounds, cluelessly sheltered, and perfect

Call the state of the heart a quote “ negative attitude” unquote

Pencils and paper are friends without shoulders to cry on

Open, accepting, without advice, mindsets, or caution

Maybe the courage to write can survive the failures to answer every reader’s questions

Maybe the courage to write can survive, in spite of the inner-critic’s growth on steroids

Keep your distance, and have your own fun

Don’t expect me to watch or join in

Turn your back if I make your skin crawl

Kick a football, or shop at some mall

Make sense to hundreds of people; only confuse a few

Whole demographics will never learn what is real or true

Every bite, breath, and step you take for granted must be nice

You’re a team-player, saved by charm and cronies, not by grace

Drive your vehicle through Monday’s hectic traffic

Be an icon of pure photogenic magic

Call the state of the heart quote “depressing” unquote

Call the state of the heart a quote “negative attitude” unquote