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pervasive developmental poem, not otherwise specified

In Uncategorized on October 24, 2009 at 7:19 pm

in the epsilon quindrant

my lip, my lace, my meals with Magoo

a maggot in the machine

a swim in the magma with a major muggle

my shape, the shape of a magic demagogue

my mugs, my chin’s shaving cuts

my given gifts, my cow, and my government mocked

my maker, my cane, my call to the world

my cave, my cup of Coca-Cola in my cage

Muffy the Muffled Muffin-Mover is moved by our kiss

he pours ample amounts of maple syrup on the amber bums of Asians

no one has ever mapped your moves

my bare back is yours

take me while I’m dizzy in the darkest mist

missiles and messages pass us by, in the background masked by love

Mother Methane rants, her moods and methods never change

a rider who always takes the same redeeming roads

rename the runner across her Range Ranch

across the Armenian ramp

across the open distances between landmarks and points

reroute power from the deflector shield

in the epsilon quindrant

To my online-friend who loves trees

In my world on October 17, 2009 at 10:10 am

Trees, you stand strong through the deaths of whole generations of leaves

Trees, you stand strong in summer’s roast and winter’s chill

Trees, you flex buff, macho bark, and stand high and mighty as gods

Trees, you grope stars and clouds, and tower over all

Trees, you love birds; trees, you welcome nests, never charging them rent

Trees, you let squirrels run amok across your bark

You remain calm, cool, serene throughout winter’s wearisome frost

You do not rage against the ice, the cold, the dark

Trees, I long to feel your love and embrace of the universe

Trees, I yearn to share your courage and peace

Through the many trendy zeitgeists and eras of emptiness

Through the deaths of generations of leaves