Jon Pear (a.k.a. NeuroAster)


In my world on January 8, 2010 at 9:39 pm

i am your misery

i am your sleep-deprivation

i am your headaches

i am the slap of my palm on your face

i am your disappointment

i am your starvation

i am a mouth and stomach eating more than we can afford

i am the stink of my body odor in your nostrils

i am the unfxxkable fat you hate to see naked

i am the dust in your coughs and sneezes

i am your stress

i am your burden

. . .

forget me tonight

don’t let me ruin your evening

  1. insomnia Tremmins:
    One i sat upon a midnight weary
    Wishing i could think more cleary
    Wishing i could think more clearly and get off to bed
    As i sat here in the room from in my chest a thick kaboom
    as all across the bloddy room a buzzing and a jeering
    What am I to do can’t sleep
    Where’s the bridge i want to leap
    where’s the bridge i want to leap, leap off to my doom
    I’ve been up near 40 hours.
    Counted sheep and counted towers
    counted buttons and the swirls on the wall
    If i’m allowwed sleep I want it now
    As i sit upon a midnight warry
    Thinking that the dark is scary
    thinking that the dark is scary because im oh so bored
    So i reach for a drink
    to knock me out i do thus think
    So i reach out for a drink a drink of sweet sweet rum
    As i do i remember then
    Ive got sleeping pills near my bed
    and i taken a few of them as well.
    See you all Im off so sleepy
    and the words are getting creepy
    Shuting down my brains detery-a-ting  into bread

  2. Sometimes.

    People leave us.
    With this kind of toughts inside our mind .
    It is when someone hits us with bad words like :
    – You make me feel uncomfortable! –
    So, we begin to think about ourselves in the same way:
    – Myself, it is disgusting me!-
    Be sure, trust on me, those are lies.
    This is true:- You’re perfect the way you are.-

  3. Your awesomeness rules, Xatstilo, thank you so much #smilesandhugs

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