Jon Pear (a.k.a. NeuroAster)

10 Things I wish were true about me (Heather)

In sigma on April 21, 2010 at 10:27 pm

1. I saved a life.

2. I was unselfish 100% of the time.

3. I was skinnier.

4. I was healthier.

5. I was a billionaire.

6. I had the cure… for anything.

7. I had all the answers to all the questions.

8. I could fly just by flapping my arms.

9. I wasn’t honest all the time.

10. I changed the world just by being born.

  1. Heather, I feel that in this post, you speak for virtually all of us who endure The Human Condition, and you say it in a concise nutshell too; thank you for submitting this article to the blog, Heather 🙂 You are a truly valued and much-appreciated contributor #smilesandhugs

  2. Thank you! Very much! #hugsandsmiles

  3. […] with Dorothy Dreyer for her We Do Write Blog, trying to keep up with this blog, a post for the two3five7 blog, AAFA investigations, school, kids, hubby, friends, me time… well, ya see? There’s a lot […]

  4. Here comes that busy busy feelng again #GetWellSoon #smilesandhugs

  5. haha cool how you did that… 🙂 #smileandhugsrightback #coughhack

  6. @Heather: It’s as easy as #smilesandhugs

  7. lol if you say so! i’m not talented with that sort of stuffs… you are though! #smilesandhugs

  8. I really liked the 10 things u wish were true abt u I totally agree

  9. @Karen, thanks!

  10. @Karen I think we all agree, Karen; I’d say Heather’s wishes for the “Ideal Self” resonate with all of us #smilesandhugs

  11. @Heather How’s that chest cold? Feeling any better? #smilesandhugs

  12. @neuroaster, still there, still coughing and hacking, just not complaining anymore. I think complaining about a cold has a short shelf life 🙂

  13. you certainly have # 10 done!!!!

  14. @Kim, thank you very much!! How kind of you to say so 🙂

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