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In sigma on June 7, 2010 at 9:24 am

Left and right feet rise and fall on sidewalks in waves of elevation

I am Pedestrian Man, born to walk

Born to take notes, born to witness all of the non-events that happen

Nowhere to run, and there’s no turning back

Meet me at the corner of Viewthread Avenue and Showtopic Road

Meet me in the xenozone where few feet ever step

Anything you want you can keep, except for what I fail to provide

Anything I don’t possess is not worth any hype

Love, hate, or ignore me, I do not care

I am as common as the Earth

One man on the solar system’s blue sphere

Facing reality and truth

Still in one piece with zero dollars and zero cents

Still enduring a journey not complete yet

Crossing life’s distance over time at the healthiest pace

Crossing sidewalks and streets with left and right feet

  1. Well, my friend, what can I say? Beautiful poem

  2. @Cendrine I find that very flattering, although the perfectionist in me wonders if I’m not letting my writing become too formulaic #smilesandhugs

  3. I also though it was great! I would, however, change the line to this (it just seems to flow better): “… Still enduring a journey not yet complete…” Ending the verse with “…yet…” doesn’t seem kosher somehow. Otherwise I thought it was excellent – very imaginative and provoking.

  4. @Julian The line “Still enduring a journey not complete yet” fit the poetic-meter (and it rhymed), and people do say “not done yet” and “not here yet.” So I agreed with The Muse on this one #smilesandhugs

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