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a piss on you

In alpha, my world, schmategory on March 22, 2009 at 1:35 pm

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

After years of blame and pressure

After years of self-denial

Anger cracks my tooth-enamel

Call this posted text “depressing”

Why the fxxk are YOU complaining?

Every day, the world is colder

Every person’s just a soldier

Now, I fear I can’t recover

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

this poem is just weird, okay?

In Uncategorized on September 20, 2008 at 1:33 am

Let a person with half a cerebellum fail at all the success everyone knows

Let a person with half a cerebellum feel the urge to exist everyone needs

Let a person with half a cerebellum live ignoring the sick screams of the strong

Let a person with half a cerebellum speak a mixture of prose, babble, and slang

Enemies, friends, and strangers punish away the spirit

Anger and fear can only sadden and kill the different

Let a rebel with some genetic cause adapt in spite of the world’s Pharisee-rules

Let a person with half a cerebellum fail at all the success everyone know

This poem can has PharmaBurger or whatever

In Uncategorized on September 1, 2008 at 8:51 am

Silent, cold, and empty, kiosks and vestibules remain silent, cold, and empty

Left behind, when meritocracy promises a free, equal realm of plenty

Freedom without wisdom is just a random walk on the dark side of boredom

Right here, right now, the dirge of servants has died, and become a doldrum

Give the confused a thinking-place, out of the way of narrow minds on the move

Enemies, friends, and strangers live life on the wedge’s edge ahead of the curve

Targets and gods are dollar-bills, wallets, and coins, and all commodities rot

Sweating, collapsing, drained of all energy now, whatever happens is right

This is a poem, you dumbass, now you live and die to make sense

This is a poem, you dumbass, all you fail to love is your loss

This is a poem, you dumbass, go away, and have a nice trip

This is a poem, you dumbass, all the shxt you fxxk is knee-deep

Citizens face another day to rise, rush, and circulate

Citizens face the stress that makes the mind hyperventilate

Citizens face another test of true durability

Citizens face another waste of life’s time and energy

Questions and answers are prescribed, handed down, and final

Everything matters when you watch ghettoes crack and crumble

Eyes of the dreamers can perceive gilded lilies clearly

Kiosks and vestibules remain silent, cold, and empty

Go back2sleep

In Uncategorized on August 11, 2008 at 11:35 am

Help wanted, dead or alive; construction ahead

Rise, shine, and blossom for all you dream of inside

Flare up, and glow like a fireplace; beam like the sun

Fxxk shxt from enemies, friends, and strangers in pain

Rays of light and thought zip through the eyes of needles and hurricanes

Days and nights are gone; Time’s Chronojectile zooms with a ruthlessness

Choosers beg for big, fat gains, and lose their spirituality

Songs can open mouths; live life with no casino or lottery

Trailer-saints are starved by the greed of mansion-trash

Trailer-saints are people, whom snobs will never touch

Welfare-churches crumble within the market-state

Still, you must be strong, and endure the reign of shxt

No prayers or baptisms quench the thirst of the globe

Souls lost and found in the void continue to throb

This hiring-project is still in processing mode

Help wanted, dead or alive; construction ahead

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In schmategory on February 21, 2008 at 11:23 am

Pencil’s brittle graphite wire is a wetware_treeware interface

Homework from the muse the rest of my life and metasapience

Eyes to see and ears to hear and immunity from pharisees

Free in spite of endless cognitive dissonance to harmonize

Still a perfectionist after all these years

Ever refined by the inner_critic’s fires

Dazzled and swayed by the muse’s wild desires

Paradigm_shape_shifting in and out of snares

Vex experts and never applaud demigods

Stand proud with pariahs and kind ganymedes

Document the human spirit’s resilient shameless radiance

Pencil’s brittle graphite wire is a wetware_treeware interface

Neurobigotry’s Absolutist Zealous Intolerance

In schmategory on January 29, 2008 at 8:38 pm

You are the apple, I am the orange

You are the warning, I am the courage

You are the normal weirdophobe critic

I am the softly harmless eccentric

What do your good-intentions accomplish?

How is your fear a strength or advantage?

You are the vandal, I am the damage

You are the apple, I am the orange

this is a poem, you dumbass

In schmategory on January 28, 2008 at 12:44 am

Why do we humans bother having a point or making any sense?

Why do we humans have criteria, norms, agendas, rules, and plans?

Most perverse kinks in all the universe never have a valid case

Why do we humans have to need a coherence-myth amid the mess?

Thumbs and fingers weave derivative kitsch and trains-of thought blend wonders

Sculpted clay and oil-on-canvas are childish toys of old-age madness

Taste and see the loudest-amplitude nostril-stinks of each brief decade

Now could be the nanosecond before the planet Earth goes rancid

Lick tongues, confess your climaxes with candid, blunt songs

Swim through the neurogalaxies where comets cut strings

Wipe the bums of meritocracy’s elect until death

Love every neurotypical and freak throughout growth

Arguments throughout The Blogosphere bloom with counterpoint

Cyberspace is where graffiti becomes a sacrament

Winnipeg is still my favorite municipality

Even the Provencher Bridge has an air of majesty

We eccentrics are tired of dark, blank zeitgeists that are all the same

Let our lenses refract the light, love enemies and hate their harm

Yes, our teleomazes change each journey where we intersect

We exist and become the real truth nobody can just accept

Let’s endure vivid dreams in the name of the mouth who sings our fate

Metaverbed metanouns are gifts for the mouth who doesn’t bite

We are all one and we, the universe, enact the tranceful dance

Why do we humans bother having a point or making any sense?

It’s my entry and I’ll rant if I want to

In Uncategorized on October 27, 2007 at 12:12 am

Hail vaccine mercury, full of grace, cleanse away all diversity_punishing neural_networks now

Disinfect cultural tastes and hates, toxic high_standards, deadlines, demands, and controlling points of view

Burn us pure, like a refiner’s fire, burn away preconceptions, formalities, all our sick prestige

Souls that wear cognitive_bias_masks ; every mask hides a jigsaw_gestalt of a jumbled, pale pastiche

Weirdophobes are crippled minds, set, rigid, and absolutist, all that ruins us

Codified corrections kill free_spirited open_minds with focused ruthlessness

Mercury in needles, save souls, rescue the world from being neurotypical

Autism without a quote “cure” unquote is like a fish without a bicycle