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Spambots or humans may leave whatever comments

In my world on June 10, 2010 at 11:30 am

Why do you ask where and how I’ve been when I’m always a mouseclick away?

Why do you seem to be allergic to Facebook and Twitter?

Where is the shared, open flexibility Cyberspace once promised me?

All our conflicting “options” divide us forever

If you’re sincere, send a crapless, gagless e-mail to just me, and not a contact-list

Learn something about the first sites I rush to, not just the ONE site that you cling to

Why is this so hard to understand? I’m rushing to touch base, and gee what thanks I get

Why simply assume I’ve just vanished into thin air, and then ask me “Where were you?”???

There is a lot more to Cyberspace than just Multiply Dot Com

When was the last time that Multiply Dot Com was mentioned on the news?

Blogging allows more than telephones could first do when they first came

Yet there is chit-chat entirely throughout countless ordinary blogs

I have Googled many of you, and discovered where else you’ve popped up

Just to be asked where I vanished to everywhere I fail to make frequent time for

I should rediscover my introvert-self, and feel free to just type

Letting the Muse have her way, and accepting that I can’t appease every reader

I’m as confused at least as much as I am confusing, when and if I confuse at all

Why are you so sure the site you’ve chosen is where I’ll appear every day?

Why would your single one irrelevant, obscure chosen site have such broad appeal?

Why do you ask where and how I’ve been when I’m always a mouseclick away?


π ≈ 3 . 1 4 1 5 9 2 6 5 3 5 8 9 7 9 . . .

In Uncategorized on January 21, 2008 at 7:09 am

What do you microcosm-dwellers want now?

Comfort-zones shelter you from any clear view

We supplied all of the demands you made blind

Go enjoy everything your fingers fine-tuned

Drink every over-marketed and synthetically-concocted hype-juice

Go stew in cult-indoctrinated perceptions of your gains as grave loss

Preach all the Churchianity you can liturgize, and share your bad breath

Go fail to learn how everything is informative in terms of real truth

Let legitimate dialogue culminate

Let us cultivate ways to conciliate

Interpersonal rhythms and counterpoint

Let a synchronization be imminent

Any unknown quantity can have a spectacular aura on a distinguished road

All of your mind-viruses are munching on all the perceptiveness that you ever had

Theodivine angels, with their halos and wings and polyphony, are proclaiming joy

Earth is our home orbiting the sun, and we focus on everything that is plain and dry

Let me die a death more meaningful than all of your farts in my general direction

Let me die a death more meaningful than misunderstandings and confusion

Let me die a death more meaningful than purchases and retail

Let me die a death more meaningful than worshipping Mammon and the devil

Life is lonely ahead of the curve

Friends forsake you for having the nerve

Kindred-spirits are friends who remain

Tribulations can thicken our skin

Stress is a jalapeno-pepper on the soul’s tongue

Whether or not it bears repeating that we live “wrong”

Weirdophobes, you who micromanage the entire world

You who demand to have an impact, and to feel good

You have no afterthoughts, or even one clue

What do you microcosm-dwellers want now?