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In schmategory on November 17, 2008 at 8:36 am

Lift the world’s weight, drag it away, and thrust it over the edge

You do not need pressure from snobs who make assumptions and judge

Monday’s warm, soft quicksand of bed has tried to swallow you whole

Loud alarm clock blared, and you struggled up and answered its call

Take a few bites; brush your teeth and shower; get dressed

Rush and get stuck deep in morning traffic’s long wait

This routine keeps minds distracted, keeps our souls dead

Deaf-and-blind, pale zombies march to serve a numb god

Dare to leave the dirge of the forsaken

Sneak away; remember to be human

Dare to question everybody’s answer

Dare to probe the failure to discover

Dare to learn the secrets forgotten by strangers, friends and enemies

Dare to teach the secrets that everyone else has found mysterious

Dare to journey forth on a path that is barely even legible

Dare to journey forth on your own, and be barely even tangible

Someone is on the planet Earth loving you now, obscured by the a distance none can cross

Suicide is the only real failure, and inner-peace is the only real success

Tenderness and perspective keep life in the light, the ideobalm that cleanses fear

Touch me with a reminder, reach deep as you dare, and handle the cryptic self in here

Dare to reach deep into the murky septic-tank of the heart

Dare to find thick burdens of solid lead that  sicken and hurt

Take the red pill; dare to begin the ontological search

Lift the world’s weight, drag it away, and thrust it over the edge

In alpha on November 4, 2008 at 7:10 pm

You are one reader; this text may not be equally meaningless to every reader

Go and chit-chat with some other mind, and look for another to become your lover

Raise your bum off a pink toilet-seat, and keep the appointments on your hectic schedule

Take your new laptop each place you go; continue your service to another devil

Minds of whole entire demographics fail to change, and the world fails to change

Let the stomach starve; let the body age its way to the grave; turn to sludge

Let the spirit sink down within the septic-tank of the heart; let it drown

Life can be a strain; life can drain an aura out until all strength is gone

Leaving our own wrists un-slashed is the final homework authority assigns

We are the blame-takers, makers of punished-efforts that nobody admires

All of our food, clothes, and shelter were left by merchants and tradesmiths on the move

Nobody owes any favors to us; we wait for our failures to survive

Nobody gets the warm-fuzzy feelings they want from news the world needs most

This is a party; real needs and public awareness spoil the fun; fxxk shxt

Why am I here? I’m now just a damper on other peoples’ free spare time

This is a party, that’s it, and if you are here with smug ideals, don’t come

I believed I could get on with life by making a difference that was never welcome

People just fail to learn how to have an innocent-person-with-a-twist around them

Go away; you have no clue about what’s really important, and it doesn’t matter

You are one reader; this text may not be equally meaningless to every reader