Jon Pear (a.k.a. NeuroAster)

a really stupid poem

In sigma on July 6, 2010 at 10:07 pm

The palm of my hand has been finged by one of my fingers

Which finger finged has yet to be determined

Reliable sources report the finger was ruthless

Some sources claim a spider was spided

One reporter tried to interview an answer

The answer was busy answing at the time

Experts claim the news is sugar for the reader

The public is not insulted by the claim

This event has warranted exclusive, live, active coverage

For all of the parties concerned who bothered to notice

I am unavailable for comment; please leave a message

The palm of my hand has been finged by one of my fingers

  1. This isn’t stupid. It’s funny and fun 🙂

  2. @heather I’m flattered #smilesandhugs

  3. I’m not sure what to think about it. I like it, but I need more time with it. I agree, it does seem fun, but I’m not sure why. But I like it!

  4. @Julian It’s about fun and frivolity, Jules #smilesandhugs

  5. I see. I get it now.

  6. I like your genre of poetry! Thank you so much, hugs and kisses!!

  7. @xatstilo You’ve made my day #smilesandhugs

  8. That is awesome! NSLM loved it too!

  9. @A Sodee Hey thanks, good to see you #smilesandhugs

  10. As usual Jon… witty! =))

  11. @Daisy Hey, meta-thanks Good2see you, hope George and Geordian are well #smilesandhugs

  12. hmm.. finged? it does not make sense but did you know that the word fing means fart in Hungarian?;)

  13. @Dave Wow kewl, now I know how to insult someone in Hungarian #smilesandhugs

  14. Our Cat is named Pineapple. We lost Astra last year, Time has not yet healed this wound. Pineapple doesn’t like me much. She only comes to me during thunderstorms. I call her Susan’s Cat, because of this. Pineapple treats Susan like your fing treats your palm.

    This Sunday being Blue Monday and the First of March is First Sunday, or Monday as you prefer. Saturday of course being the 28th February, Sunday would be the 29th… in a blue year. February is always a blue month, in any case.

    I live in Matamoras, 17032. At the Matamoras Community Church they have village entertainment called Jamboree. It is an open mic. but all the musicians may sit in all the time. Unless they stand. The Jamboree happens On First Sundays of every month. Everyone in the village attends, except when the weather is real bad or It is July, August, and maybe September. I don’t know about September since I am on vacation then. Food is available. Coffee is free for Musicians. Admission is FREE to the public, pay at the door. There is room for all, you can sit on the floor. Music is from 2PM to 5PM, but you should arrive early to socialize. (There are enough seats. I made that part up). If your in the neighborhood stop by. I’m the guy that plays the Ukulele; except when I play the Banjo.

  15. This is totally NOT stupid if it came from your heart. It’s kind of like the song the finger bone is connected to you hand bone. Your hand bone is connected to your wrist bone & your wrist bone is connected to your arm bone etc. etc. and eventually it ends up up connected to your heart. Thank you for making all of us smile & warm our hearts. Stay healthy my new friend!!!

  16. Great play on words. I particularly like the ‘The answer was busy answing at the time’. Answers too have time-constraints, it seems, and clearly can’t do more than one thing at once.

  17. This was amusing and a fun read! Great way to capture the interest of the reader with your title choice

  18. Ha! That wasn’t stupid it was funny! I love it!

  19. Thank you for beginning my day with a smile and a laugh 😆. Your poem is clever and funny.

  20. It may be silly or playful, but I wouldn’t call this stupid! Thanks for getting back to me with the violets:)

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